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Rise Above

The Rise Above Membership integrates the best financial planning with the essential work of aligning our intentions and actions with purpose-driven values and goals.

The Rise Above Process integrates the best financial practices with the essential work of aligning our intentions and actions with Scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This type of process allows us to remain accountable to God as stewards of His money, and empowers us to do that which God has called us.

How it Works

The Rise Above Membership consists of two parts:


  1. A financial planning roadmap called the Stewardship Journey, and

  2. A process of life reflection based on biblical values, called the Stewardship Principles.


We believe that incorporating both processes creates for you opportunities for financial success while remaining receptive to God's leading and obedient to His direction.

Stewardship Journey

The Stewardship Journey are a series of financial planning steps that are necessary for financial success. Each Milestone takes into account your financial situation at the time, as well as the goals you have established for yourself with your financial planner as your guide and advisor. 

Stewardship Principles

The Stewardship Principles follow a series of reflective practices intended for helping you determine how God is working through you and your wealth. 

How it Works

We've helped hundreds of business owners, young entrepreneurs, families, and retiring seniors throughout their stewardship journey. 


We're excited to continue creating Kingdom Impact through our focus on community building, and here's a few of our clients' stories of how their lives have been changed.

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