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Kenald Yu


Financial Planner

Kenald is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with a focus on bringing financial literacy to the next generation. He is a husband and young father of a toddler, so he understands the needs in personal finance from a single person all the way to starting a family.  


Bringing over nine years of experience in retail banking and wealth management, he often feels that financial planning is not offered where it can make the most difference – in one’s youth. Between the ages of 18-35 is usually when one makes many major life decisions such as getting their first job, buying their first home, getting married and having their first child. Yet growing up, had it not been his experience working at the bank and the connections he has made there, he would not have known how to navigate through all these firsts.

Kenald holds a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in Accounting, from UBC’s Sauder School of Business. Prior to starting his own firm, he worked in wealth management at Nicola Wealth and TD Wealth and also worked in retail banking at TD Canada Trust. Kenald leads with integrity, a commitment to lifelong learning, and a passion for providing a superior client experience. In his spare time, Kenald explores his interest in behavioural finance, leadership and personal development, and emotional health. 

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