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Jacob Chang


Financial Advisor

After his father suddenly passed away in 2015, Jacob learned to manage money by stewarding his family’s complex estate. Jacob went on to work as a stock analyst for a multi-billion-dollar investment fund, and eventually reviewed financial plans for Ultra-High-Net-Worth families and foreign royalty. Today he is a private wealth advisor and serves as a Guest Lecturer (Personal Finance) at various institutions such as Simon Fraser University.


Because Jacob has personally managed his family’s wealth, he understands how overwhelming finances can feel, even with the help of online resources and friends. He also knows how difficult it is to find an advisor that you can trust, especially one who can make complex ideas easy to understand. Most importantly, he knows how time-consuming it can be to constantly ensure that your money is doing the most that it can.


Jacob typically helps young individuals/families (25-45 years old) who are:

  • Planning to buy their first or second house in Vancouver/GTA

  • Unsure how to optimize finances (especially with a spouse)

  • Focused on raising their young children

Due to the considerable time commitment and complexity, as well as the significant risks of making a mistake, Jacob’s clients value an experienced third-party opinion and/or prefer to delegate the financial stressors in their lives to a professional.


When Jacob is not learning more about the industry, you can find him fishing in salt/freshwater, playing volleyball/spikeball, discovering the latest board-games, watching Attack on Titan, and growing closer to God.







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