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How are you feeling about your finances?

Here are some common themes and questions from our clients that we've helped them with:

  • How do we handle conflicts around money?

  • How to raise my children to be good stewards?

  • What options do we have for investments and insurance?

  • What is a good game plan for retirement?

  • How do I minimize taxes and probate for my estate?

  • What is an efficient way to take money out of my corporation?


Your calling
as a Steward

Many of us are seeking
purpose for our lives.

There must be more to life than

just working hard to save and retire.

We are called to a bigger purpose as Christians. To carry out the Great Commission: to go, to teach and to obey everything that Jesus commanded us.


Our goal is to help you obey Christ’s command—starting with your finances—and to let God’s wisdom guide you through your journey.

Services: List of Services

We are all called to live out our journey as a Steward to the fullest, but many aren't aware of how to achieve it.


The Rise Above Membership provides expert and relationship-based counsel applying biblical wisdom through our financial planning.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of families build confidence with their finances
helping them experience the joys of being good stewards through our step-by-step process.

The Rise Above Membership

The Rise Above Membership integrates the best financial planning with reflective practices, coaching our clients to align their intentions and actions to purpose-driven goals and values. All clients start from our basic membership. For estate planning and corporate needs, we also have add-on options available for selection. 

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Cashflow • Debts • Goal Planning •
Investments • Insurance • Retire


Cashflow • Debts • Wedding •
Homebuying • Family Goals •
Family Protection • Children •
Investments • Retirement

Add-On #1
Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 6.47.24 PM.png

Intergenerational Planning 

Estate Analysis • Will/Power of
Attorney Review • Intergenerational
Wealth Transfer and Asset Planning
• Tax Efficiency Solutions Stategy •
Legacy Planning

Add-On #2
Business & Corporation

Corporate Planning 

Shareholders Agreement/Buy-out •
Business Overhead Analysis •
Capital Dividend Withdrawal Strategy

Corporate Group Benefits

Group Benefits Review • Health and
Dental Insurance • Group Retirement
Services Implementation

What are the key benefits of 

the Rise Above Membership?

Using the Rise Above Stewardship Process, we build a customized plan to help you align your finances with your goals and values.

Comprehensive Financial Plan


Our highly qualified team includes CFP, CPA and CKA designated professionals with 20+ years of experience. Our expert's hourly rate range from $150 to $500, but you get access to them within one membership!

Unlimited Access to Financial Experts


Access to industry-leading financial products, tools,
and exclusive workshops specifically made for
professional and biblical financial planning.

Financial Tools & Resources


We give transparent, educational and biblical-based advice. No sales pitches to pressure you on products!

Biblical & Educational Advice


Regular review and guidance from our team that covers every financial decision, not just one-off plans that only focuses on investments or products.

Trusted Accountability



Start Your Path to Becoming a Good Steward

Financial planning is a lifelong journey. But you will be in good hands. Our team will provide you with the structure, systems and support to help you stay on track on your stewardship journey.

If you are looking for transparent, biblically-based advice that improves your financial well-being and helps you make wise choices with your money, we’ve got just the team for you.

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