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Your calling as a Steward

Many of us are seeking the purpose for our lives.


There must be more to life than just working hard to save and retire.

We are called to a bigger purpose as Christians. To carry out the Great Commission: to go, to teach and to obey everything that Jesus commanded us.


Our goal is to help you obey Christ’s command—starting with your finances—and to let God’s wisdom guide you through your journey.

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Did you know that there are over 2,300 verses in the bible that talks about stewardship? 

In fact, Jesus Himself speaks about this topic over 700 times.

What's the problem? Churches tend to stay away from the topic of money. As a result, many Christians aren't taught about stewardship, and haven't been able to achieve the full potential that God has laid out.


We are all called to live out our journey as a steward to the fullest, but many aren't aware of how to achieve it.


The Rise Above Process integrates the best financial practices with the essential work of aligning our intentions and actions with Scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


This type of process allows us to remain accountable to God as stewards of His money, and empowers us to do that which God has called us.

Your Stewardship Coach

Coaches with Rise Above Finance provide expert, relationship-based counsel in order to empower you as a Christian to achieve financial transformation through the application of Biblical wisdom throughout your stewardship journey. They are truly passionate about helping you discover and fulfil God’s calling on your life.

If you are looking for transparent, biblically-based advice that improves your financial well-being and helps you make wise choices with your money, our coaches are here to journey with you.

Each coaching engagement is tailored to the needs of the client, and the coaching experience starts with these five steps:

You’ll meet with your coach in a comfortable setting either in person or via on-line meeting tools

Meet your stewardship coach


Using the Rise Above Stewardship Process and our Stewardship Journey Map assessment tool, you and your coach will discuss your current concerns and future goals




Your coach will work with you to create a detailed written action plan so you can fulfill God’s calling on your life




You’ll meet regularly with your coach to implement and stay accountable to your action plan




You’ll receive ongoing advice and guidance from your coach, for as long as you wish, to build upon and protect what you’ve created, and move closer to your stewardship goals





Start Your Path to Becoming a Good Steward

Developing a stewardship mindset requires a commitment of time and money. But you will be in good hands. Your coach will provide you with the structure, systems and support to help you stay on track on your stewardship journey.

If you are looking for transparent, biblically-based advice that improves your financial well-being and helps you make wise choices with your money, we’ve got just the coach for you.

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