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What is Membership?

Personalized and unbiased approach to financial planning.

Grounded in biblical values and drawing from educational financial insights, our Membership seamlessly integrates faith, finance, consulting, and coaching to provide comprehensive financial guidance. This approach is accessible to everyone, regardless of religious beliefs, as we adapt and customize our services to meet the unique needs of each client.


Coaching vs. Consulting

At Rise Above Finance, we believe in the value of both consulting and coaching. Our comprehensive approach ensures you receive both the strategic guidance and personalized support needed to achieve your financial goals.

Consulting focuses on analyzing your current situation, planning ideal scenarios, and providing concrete action steps. Coaching emphasizes breaking down the process into personalized, digestible sessions that align with your individual learning style and personality, with a strong focus on ongoing commitment and accountability.

Services: List of Services

We are here to fix what's broken in the finance industry.


Unlike the 90% of financial planners who solely operate on commission and prioritize sales over service, we use an upfront fee structure to ensure unbiased, reliable advice.


Our goal is to make financial planning accessible and affordable, offering fair and transparent pricing with no hidden upselling or minimum asset requirements. 

The Rise Above Membership

At Rise Above Finance, we believe in fostering a continual and personable relationship between our clients and advisors. We understand that financial planning is not a one-time event but a lifelong journey. Our Membership ensures that our relationship with you is ongoing, accountable, and supportive.

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Cashflow • Debts • Goal Planning •
Investments • Insurance • Retire


Cashflow • Debts • Wedding •
Homebuying • Family Goals •
Family Protection • Children •
Investments • Retirement

Add-On #1
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Intergenerational Planning 

Estate Analysis • Will/Power of
Attorney Review • Intergenerational
Wealth Transfer and Asset Planning
• Tax Efficiency Solutions Stategy •
Legacy Planning

Add-On #2
Business & Corporation

Corporate Planning 

Shareholders Agreement/Buy-out •
Business Overhead Analysis •
Capital Dividend Withdrawal Strategy

Corporate Group Benefits

Group Benefits Review • Health and
Dental Insurance • Group Retirement
Services Implementation

What are the key benefits of 

the Rise Above Membership?

Holistic approach to building a customized plan to help you align your finances with your goals and values.

Holistic Financial Plan


Our highly qualified team includes CFP, CPA and CKA designated professionals with 20+ years of experience. Our expert's hourly rate range from $150 to $500, but you get access to them within one membership!

Professional Expertise


Access to industry-leading financial products, tools,
and exclusive workshops specifically made for
professional and biblical financial planning.

Financial Tools & Resources


Collaborative process that emphasizes back-and-forth conversations and scenario processing.


We give transparent, educational and biblical-based advice. No sales pitches to pressure you on products!

Biblical & Educational Advice


Regular review and guidance from our team that covers every financial decision, not just one-off plans that only focuses on investments or products.

Trusted Accountability



Start Your Journey Today

We believe in holistic, client-centric financial planning. By integrating multiple porfessional perspectives and fostering a collaborative environment, we ensure your financial plan is well-rounded and tailored to your unique circumstances.

Join our Membership and experience the difference of transparent, biblical financial advice.

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