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Intro Course:

Stewardship Principles

Learn how to manage your finances
the way God intended you to.

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When was the last time you heard a sermon about financial stewardship? 

You've been missing out on so much more about what the bible says about our finance. The bible mentions money more than 2300 times. In Fact, Jesus himself talks about money more than faith and prayer combined.


Our mission is to help people find transformation through applying biblical principles to their finances. That's why we created this intro course to stewardship to kickstart your stewardship journey.

This course will teach you how to handle money God's way!


In this 6-week course, you'll discover how to:

Session 1 - Stewardship 101

  • Define Stewardship and what the stewardship journey looks like

  • Distinguish the different beliefs about money (prosperity Gospel vs poverty Gospel vs True Gospel)

  • Understand the Biblical views on money

  • Assess where you are in your stewardship journey

  • Define and focus on the areas you need to change

Session 2 - Relationship

  • Explain Ownership - what does ownership transfer look like?

  • Explain Accountability - what does accountability look like in terms of advancing the Kingdom and fulfilling the Great commission?​

  • Explore Jesus-like Generosity

  • Reflect on & assess how your relationship with money affects your relationship with God

Session 3 - Repent

  • Learn the general meaning of repentance

  • Break down the six areas for repentance (ownership, lack of contentment, lack of generosity, materialism, get rich quick and poor money management)

  • Clearly identify areas for improvement and outline an improvement plan

  • Go through a Personal repentance exercise

Session 4 - Reframe

  • Learn and be able to apply the 5 Biblical Money Management Principles

  • Understand and be able to utilize the Live, Give, Owe and Grow Pie Chart

  • Explore personal Repentance: identifying bad habits and creating new ones

  • Go through a Personal Audit exercise 

Session 5 - Respond

  • Be able to go "all in"

  • Review audit results and form an analysis

  • Develop an action plan to move forward

Session 6 - Live Q&A

  • Final session of Q&A for students

  • Calls to Action​

Meet your instructors


Ivan Chen


Ivan has been in the financial services industry since 2004. After following the world’s way of building wealth and getting into $100K of consumer debt, everything started to fall apart in 2008 when he lost his income. He felt like a hypocrite teaching people about finance when he couldn’t figure it out himself. He started searching the Bible for guidance and found out how much the Bible actually talked about finance. By following the biblical wisdom he was able to pay off his debts and save at the same time in 3 years. He co-founded Rise Above Finance as part of the vision to create a culture of stewardship in every Christian household.
His mission is to equip faithful stewards to put God at the center of every financial decision.


Forest Li

Forest loves Jesus. He is passionate about equipping people to apply biblical principles in their day-to-day finance. Forest started his career as a Chartered Accountant in a Big Four accounting firm. After five years, he transitioned to a Non-profit housing society as their Director of Finance. Although Forest had a high paying job and accumulated a six figure investment account, he didn’t feel content about it at all. Instead, he felt emptiness and savings became the ultimate “safety net” for him. It was not until Forest’s parental leave that God started working on Forest’s heart.  As Forest studied what the Bible said about stewardship and God’s ultimate ownership of all things, he surrendered his savings account and possessions to God which led to contentment that he never experienced before. The rest as they say is history. 

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