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Jonathan Lo


Financial Advisor

With a multidisciplinary background of telecom, psychology and relational management, Jonathan joined the financial planning industry 5 years ago with a simple vision: To help people reconnect finances with their values, goals and relationships. His sincere passion has enabled a fast achievement of Court of the Table (COT) for 3 consecutive years, representing the top 5% of financial professionals globally.

Jonathan believes that financial consultants are called to help people develop a healthy relationship with money. Unfortunately, finance is often an area carrying emotional baggage from societal, family and cultural dynamics; resulting in poor money decisions that bring significant impact to generations. Incorporating psychology and biblical wisdom, Jonathan leads individuals and families on a rediscovery of identity and values while building a holistic financial plan that resolves practical needs. Raised in both HK and Canada, Jonathan also brings a first-hand multi-national perspective for cross-cultural families during his service.

Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his bodybuilder wife and 3 year old son Micah. The family is big on food, weightlifting and traveling.

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Notable Achievements:
• Early Bird MDRT (2021,2022,2023)
• 2x Court of the Table, MDRT (2021,2022)
• LIMRA International Quality Award, Gold (2022)
• LUA New Agent Award, Gold (2020)

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