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Ruth Weng

Graphic Designer

Ruth Weng is an award-winning painter and designer, with a degree in industrial design at Emily Carr University. Her diversified portfolio is a wide range of genres and styles, reflecting her creative curiosity into exploring the many different facets of the art world. 


Ruth regularly takes on consulting projects in design, and has many years of experience in creating graphics in different industries. She has a keen interest in typography, and has helped many companies with branding and marketing design work. 


Her art journey started at a very young age, where she discovered a love for the creative arts the moment she first picked up a paintbrush. During her time in highschool, Ruth Weng was a regular contender in art competitions and took home multiple awards and achievements. Ruth was a regular finalist for the Portrait Society exhibitions, and was also selected as a Top 3 finalist out of over 300,000 participants for the National Canada Day Challenge. 


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