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Business Planning

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Personal Planning

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Estate Planning

For Business Owners

At Rise Above Finance, we believe that every business has a unique story, and our Business Services are designed to be the catalyst for your continued success. 


Step into a realm of financial empowerment at Rise Above Finance, where the success of businesses is intricately woven into our expertise.


Recognizing that businesses flourish when financial strategies align seamlessly with their unique goals and challenges, our dedicated Business Services division stands ready to empower both entrepreneurs and established enterprises.


With a commitment to fostering growth, financial efficiency, and long-term success, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to elevate your business to new heights.

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Compensation Planning

Should you pay yourself dividends or salary?

  • Pay yourself smarter

  • Plan for today and tomorrow

  • Optimizing tax structure

Investment Management

How should you manage your holding company investments?

  • Tax efficient portfolios

  • Evidence-based strategy

  • Simple implementation



How can you structure your business to pay less tax?

  • Investment strategy

  • Estate planning

  • Wealth preservation



How do you properly set-up and optimize your business?

  • Start-up Consulting for entrepreneurs 

  • Tailored Business Structure and Incorporation Strategies



Are you financially efficient with proper protection?

  • Analyze and optimize business overhead expenses.

  • Review and advise on key legal documents, including Buy-Sell and Key Person Insurance.

Benefits & Philantrophy

How do you ensure Employee Well-being and alignment with Corporate Values?

  • Group Benefits for employees

  • Philanthropy strategies

Whether you're a start-up or an established enterprise,

let us help you navigate the financial landscape together, rising above challenges to achieve new heights of prosperity.


Personal Planning

Welcome to Rise Above Finance, your partner in a purposeful financial journey. Our Personal Financial Planning services empower you to take control, eliminate debt, secure your future, and achieve balanced prosperity. Join us as we navigate milestones and align your unique aspirations with a tailored financial strategy, rising above challenges together.

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  • Take control with personalized budgeting plans.

  • Identify priorities, allocate resources for financial balance.

  • Manage cash flow effectively with our guidance.

Cash-flow and Budgeting Mastery


  • Tailored plans to empower elimination of debt.

  • Personalized debt reduction strategies.

  • Financial education for a debt-free future.

Debt-Free Future Strategies


  • Guidance beyond mortgages for informed decisions.

  • Addressing financial aspects of home buying.

  • Secure your future with well-informed home purchase planning.

Informed Home Purchase Planning


  • Comprehensive evaluation of life, critical illness, and disability coverage.

  • Ensure insurance aligns with evolving life circumstances.

  • Paramount protection for your loved ones.

Comprehensive Insurance Protection


  • Strategies tailored to unique circumstances.

  • Optimization of RRSPs for a secure retirement.

  • Navigating government benefits with expert guidance.

Tailored Retirement Solutions


  • Navigate weddings, RESPs, mortgages, and savings.

  • Guidance for life's significant events.

  • Achieve financial goals with confidence.

  • Alignment of investments with life objectives.

  • Ensure your financial portfolio reflects your aspirations.

Guidance for Life's Milestones & Investment Confidence



Start Your Path to

Becoming your Financial Best

Developing a proper financial mindset requires a commitment of time and money. But you will be in good hands. Your advisor will provide you with the structure, systems and support to help you stay on track on your stewardship journey.

If you are looking for transparent, relationship-based advice that improves your financial well-being and helps you make wise choices with your money, we’ve got just the advisor for you.

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Estate Planning

Wooden House in the Forest


Estate Analysis 


Will & Power of Attorney Review


Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

  • Meticulous analysis ensures safeguarding your legacy.

  • Identifies opportunities to align assets with values and family goals.

  • Provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

  • Tailored power of attorney safeguards financial and healthcare wishes.


Asset Planning


Tax Efficiency Solutions


Legacy Planning

  • Ensure seamless transition, preserving your legacy.

  • Focused on fostering financial security and supporting philanthropic goals.

  • Optimize asset management and distribution.

  • Guide informed decisions from real estate to investments.

  • Navigate taxation complexities with minimization of tax implications.

  • Optimize estate plan for maximum efficiency.

  • Beyond financial wealth, integrate values for a meaningful impact.

  • Foster a legacy that resonates for generations to come.

From safeguarding your assets with in-depth analysis to navigating tax complexities, we are committed to ensuring your legacy aligns seamlessly with your values and family goals.

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